My Life Without Me (2003) Movie Review


My Life Without Me
My Life Without Me Plot Overview

Ann, 23 years old, lives a modest life with her two kids and her husband in a trailer in her mother's garden. Her life takes a dramatic turn, when her doctor tells her that she has uterine cancer and only two months to live. She compiles a list of things to do before she dies.

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My Life Without Me Movie Trailer

My Life Without Me Cast & Crew
Profile Name Role
Sarah Polley Sarah Polley Ann
Amanda Plummer Amanda Plummer Laurie
Scott Speedman Scott Speedman Don
Leonor Watling Leonor Watling Neighbor Ann
Deborah Harry Deborah Harry Ann's Mother
Mark Ruffalo Mark Ruffalo Lee
Maria de Medeiros Maria de Medeiros Hairdresser
Julian Richings Julian Richings Dr. Thompson
Jessica Amlee Jessica Amlee Penny
Kenya Jo Kennedy Kenya Jo Kennedy Patsy
Camille Martinez Camille Martinez Camille Martínez
Alfred Molina Alfred Molina Ann's Father

My Life Without Me Studios & Production
Studio Name Studio Profile

Movie Facts

  • Cinema Release:

    07 Mar 2003

  • DVD Release:

    15 Jul 2008

  • Certificate:


  • Budget:


  • Runtime:

    106 minutes

  • Movie Director:


  • Drama   
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