Helen (2009) Movie Review


Helen Plot Overview

Helen has it all: friends, an attentive second husband, a cheerful teen daughter, musical talent, and a university teaching job. Then, something's amiss: is her husband cheating, does she have a fatal disease, does her past haunt her? There's a quick hospitalization, a disclosure, a bond with one of her students, Mathilde, and a dark chasm that seems to be opening in front of her: can Helen do anything about the problem she won't discuss, or will it swallow her?

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Helen Movie Trailer

Helen Cast & Crew
Profile Name Role
Ashley Judd Ashley Judd Helen
Goran Visnjic Goran Visnjic David
Lauren Lee Smith Lauren Lee Smith Mathilda
David Nykl David Nykl John

Helen Studios & Production
Studio Name Studio Profile

Movie Facts

  • Cinema Release:

    26 Nov 2009

  • DVD Release:

    10 Aug 2010

  • Certificate:


  • Budget:


  • Runtime:

    120 minutes

  • Movie Director:


  • Drama   
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